How to Ensure You Get Funded

It’s clear to you that there are a lot of projects, many as worthy as yours, competing for the same pool of investor dollars. How can you stand out?

With the Crowdfund Guarantee and our Peak Performing Platforms services will ensure your issue gets sold. Most crowdfunding platforms won’t lift a finger to help you find, captivate and gain committed funds from investors. They simply don’t know how.

We bring our database of investors that have invested before and are seeking ventures like yours. We add to that offers of qualified assured investments in which the investors can’t lose. That’s right, your project may be certified with the Crowdfund Guarantee which will repay your investors if the unthinkable happens and you can’t deliver their investment on your own.

Imagine what that will do for your attractiveness. You’ll also have a team with over a century of combined experience actually selling securities working with you to be sure your securities sell and you get funded.  Our Crowdfund Guarantee is a venture bonding program that allows a small premium, paid by your crowd, to be leveraged, similar to an annuity, a hedge or an insurance policy, so that if the venture fails, there is cash available to repay your investors every cent, for any reason.

Perhaps you’ve been reluctant to ask friends or family for money because you’re afraid that if something happens you may not be able to repay them. We know that other investors want to see first that people who know you have invested in you. This is why we want to offer them the Crowdfund Guarantee.

Insist that any platform you want to post your valuable project on has the Crowdfund Guarantee, have them contact us or do so yourself at the link below.

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